Happy New Year

We counted down the end of 2017 and are ready for 2018. We wish our partners and subscribers a happy new year!  
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Happy holidays from the team at Smile Designs. We wish you a merry xmas however you are celebrating and hope your countdown to 2018 is filled with smiles!

7 WordPress Security Tips

Most WordPress users think that the chance of getting attacked by a hacker is slim to none. The truth is that it happens more often than you think and unfortunately most people are not aware of that danger. Have you not noticed sometimes when searching on Google that some results are labeled “This site may

Google SEO Update

It has been an occasional trend that each year, Google changes its search algorithm method from 500-600 times. Nonetheless, as much as these changes are trivial, since they happen every few months, the ‘major’ algorithmic change affects search results. These minimal changes are very much important to search marketers, as they affect the rank and
How do WP Security Plug-ins Work? In general, a WordPress security plugin works by reducing and hiding the vulnerabilities of your site. Aside from scanning and reporting your WP security problems, this plugin provides different automated security measures that make it difficult for cyber criminals to insert malicious scripts or perhaps steal sensitive information from

WordPress Tutorials

In this article are WordPress tutorials used to troubleshoot a number of bugs and or problems one might encounter when using WordPress specifically when using the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. How do I install WordPress? Well in order to install WordPress you have to have (FTP) File Transfer Protocol access along with a mysql database
WordPress Security Checklist Here is a simple checklist for WordPress owners and publishers. WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms because of it’s ease of use however, it has its problems, and it is because of its popularity that hackers use this platform to attempt to inject their malware and malicious scripts. WordPress
We all know how much Google is obsessed with website speed. Not just Google, we all are. Every webmaster wants that his website speed is faster; every internet user would like the pages to load faster and not have to wait a minute for the buffer to finish. Those are the exact same reasons why
I was frustrated and upset. I had just learned that my WordPress site had been hacked. Looking for help on how to fix it I came across a site called safewp.com. They specialize in informing people how to stop malicious hackers from getting into WordPress sites and how to protect it from attacks. They will
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Responsive Web Design is mostly used in creating web layouts. A website built with responsive design is in accordance with the dimensions of the screen. Designers are skilled in dealing with various kinds of user preferences, problems with resolution of the screens and different other technical problems. However, with changing times, mobile browsing has become
With the advent of mobile technology, the use of smart devices such as smart phones and tablet computers is on the rise. The trend of browsing web on these smart devices, too, has risen to a new level. This is mainly because of two reasons; (I) the prices of smart phones and tablets have come
This is the age of mobile friendly responsive websites. These are certainly considered as the most vital tools to do business on the global platform using the internet. These are highly demanded owing to the fact that various attributes are associated with these sites. What is a Responsive Website? Let me explain first, what exactly